Brand Storytelling Seminars

Story is the Universal Language

We all speak story. In these Brand Storytelling Seminars, I tap into the power of myth, the psychological benefits of storytelling, and the excitement of transformation to humanizes and enhances your brand. 

Essential Story Elements

To drive your brand's story with purpose and pacing, you'll learn how to incorporate essential story elements, develop a memorable narrative, design a character-driven brand, and inspire action and change. 

Impactful Archetypes

Archetypes hold great psychological significance and help define a brand's personality, inner depth, and recognizable character traits, which breed familiarity and reliability to your brand's image.

Character Development

The most compelling stories are about people. In Brand Storytelling, we'll develop your brand so it resonates like a character who's interesting, entertaining, authentic, and endearing.

Benefits of Brand Storytelling

Brand Storytelling brings a new language and a new perspective to your creative work. It also serves as a team building experience and provides exercises that your creative teams can take with them for future projects. 

Customized to Your Company

No two brands are exactly alike and neither are the companies who create them. These seminars teach brand storytelling with examples that are tailored to your industry.