Writing Services


Your website is your most important piece of real estate and the best opportunity to captivate and motivate your audience.  

Presentations & Public Speaking

It's easier to wow a crowd with an engaging presentation, a little bit of coaching, and plenty of cough drops.


Communicating through regularly scheduled newsletters and posts opens up an ongoing dialogue with your customers and fans.

Personal Essays

Whether it's a college application essay, a speech at a loved one's wedding, or a heartfelt eulogy, I am well versed in the art of sensitive listening and can help your write from the heart. 

Script Consulting

As a prolific and accomplished screenwriter, former screenwriting professor, story consultant, and script competition judge, I offer a host of screenwriting services for features and shorts. 

Everything Else

Have you dreamed of writing a memoir, creating a special gift, or just need help with a personal email? I can help you articulate your feelings and your story for any of your writing needs.